There. Finally. It’s done.

This is the second project of my Anatomical Visualization class. I really did enjoy drawing the hip (as challenging as it was). However, the sagittal section was a beast and fitting the pelvis to the box was daunting.

Though this is not the longest I’ve worked on a piece before, this was the most challenging in the time period I allotted myself. Due to an Anatomy test last week, I hardly had anytime to work on this before Wednesday of last week. It’s been a very quick project, so I hope everything is up to par with the project requirements. 

Quite frankly, I am just worn out, so I’ll post any corrections tomorrow after critique.



full render: the spine needs to be a little more curved, there should be only 4 sacral foramen (but the model I referenced had 5), the spinous processes are a bit off/maybe a bit too long.

sagittal cut: I forgot to include the sagittal cut line encompassing the box, and the cut of the pubic symphasis is a little to angled to appear as a straight cut through the bone.

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